All Great Things

On Saturday morning I got up and went to Tim Horton’s around 8:00 am. to buy my coffee as a special treat. On the way home I noticed the grocery store was open. This little change in my Saturday schedule got me a great parking spot and through the checkout at lightning speed. There were some gorgeous mini roses there too so I picked up a red one, as a gift for someone… I’m not sure who yet, but to let someone special know they are cared about….

On the way back to the car I noticed slim gentleman with a package of glittery party decorations, walking toward the car beside mine. Something seemed odd about this. He had walked from the direction of the Dollar Store which was much further away. The strange part was that there were dozens of vacant parking spots between his car and the Dollar Store. He could easily have parked within a few steps of his destination. Chances are that this small decision to add a few steps daily, contributed in a big way to his slim build.

This is going to be my new favourite quote of the day .”All great things are only a number of small things that have been collected together.” Anonymous

For me, I have a beautiful gift for someone special. I got home before 9am and have and most of the day left to enjoy…maybe time for some extra sun salutations too….

How could a small change somewhere accomplish, create or delight something or someone in your life?

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